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Pollution of the caustic soda solution of bottle washing machines caused by fibres and micro-particles


New plants carry over essentially less caustic soda solution. The use of fresh water is reduced to a minimum. As a result of the use of synthetic glue the lye depose much less and so fibres as well as particles stay in the lye. This can lead to the following problems:

  • Blockage of spraying nozzles is being generated and prohibits a correct wash-out
  • High time and cleaning effort to remove mud from the main lye and pipes
  • Problems of waste disposal concerning the caustic mud
  • Intensified generation of deposits in the water zones (limestone-fibres materials)
  • Microparticles trigger secondary gushing, which reduces the filling performance when bottling. Even when opening the bottles, problems can occur due to overfoaming.



With the equipment filter TC® SCREEN TS Tensid-Chemie GmbH has developed a system which can remove fibres of labels and particles effectively.

This concept provides the following advantages:

  • A very easy and robust structure
  • Cheaper than systems with complex membrane technology
  • Space-saving due to low weight easy to install
  • Very low follow-up costs as it is nearly maintenance free
  • Effective removal of fibres and particles and as a consequence “cleaner” bottles
  • Improved quality of the caustic soda solution
  • Use even without a settling tank because of the reduction of intervals of sedimentation
  • No reduction of additives or deformers from the lye
  • No disposal costs of the caustic sludge due to a continually label removal
  • Clean and low-particle water zones
  • A minimum of water- and electricity consumption
  • Fast return of investment due to reduced cleaning time and elimination of sludge disposal


(“Only unintentional, technically unpreventable residues of a compound may still be in the end product if they are harmless for the health or if they don’t affect technologically the end product.”)




Our qualified sales representatives are pleased to give you more information about our drum screen technology TC® SCREEN TS — a topic more relevant than ever!


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